Book Of Remedies

Book Of Remedies

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You’ll find every healing plant Claude Davis’s grandfather’s Lost Book of Remedies. There are tons of beautiful illustrated photos that will help you easily identify it. You’ll also learn the little things you need to look for in order to be 100% sure you’ve got the right plant. This is life and death information and this part goes extremely in depth so that people with no plant knowledge can use it to its full potential. The Lost Book of Remedies is the book that BIG Pharmacy doesn’t want YOU to know about!



The Lost Book of Remedies is responsible for helping Americans achieve curative self-sufficiency. The Lost Book of Remedies is also saving the lost remedies of our great grandparents used for everyday aches and pains. You’d be amazed at how resourceful and knowledgeable our forefathers were about the vegetation in North America. All of their knowledge is in this book and should be added to your Lost Ways Book Collection IMMEDIATELY! Your Collection is NOT complete!


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