Lost Ways 2 Review - A [FANTASTIC] Book!

Lost Ways 2 Review – A [FANTASTIC] Book!

May 11, 2019 Posted by Jack Taylor - 6 Comments

Lost Ways 2 Review – A Complete Look!

CowboyIn this Lost Ways 2 Review, I’m going to reveal everything you need to know before you buy the book. The Lost Ways 2 is the second in a trilogy of best selling books written by Claude Davis. The books are The Lost Ways, The Lost Ways 2 and The Lost Book Of Remedies. The Lost Ways 2 picks up right where The Lost Ways left off. This AMAZING book is just as good as The Lost Ways and a must have for preppers, hunters, outdoorsmen and historians alike!

In The Lost Ways, you were taken back to a time of survival of the fittest. This was a time where people were tough and resourceful and got things done or else we wouldn’t be here. I’m talking about our forefathers who tamed an unforgiving and wild land into the GREATEST country the world has ever known. It took God, Guns and Guts and our forefathers were up to the challenge. They used survival skills and knowledge lost to us generations ago!

Without these skills, America would not be what it is today! In the first book, The Lost Ways. You took a trip back in time before electricity, automobiles and the smartphone. There were no modern conveniences like infrastructure or a local grocery store so you had to get things done. There were no safety nets so you and you alone were responsible for your well being much like you are in the aftermath of a disaster.

Our forefathers did not have the luxury of taking time off just because they didn’t feel like working that day. You had to work or you didn’t eat! There were were social programs for people at that time so if you didn’t get things done than there was no food on the table. It’s as simple as that! Take a moment to watch Claude’s OFFICIAL Lost Ways 2 presentation. Make sure your sound is turned all the way up because Claude will pick up where I leave off. I hope you enjoy the show!

The Lost Ways 2 By Author Claude Davis – “OFFICIAL” Presentation Video! MUST SEE Video!

I hope that you enjoyed Claude’s OFFICIAL presentation video as much as I did. I’m sure those of you that already own a copy of The Lost Ways Book are ready to jump all over this book. So go ahead and click on one of the add to cart buttons below now. You’ll be taken to Claude’s OFFICIAL Lost Ways 2 website where you can choose your package. The physical copy of The Lost Ways 2 Book is now only $37! Just add $8.99 for shipping and handling.

*Special Note: You can opt for the digital version as well as the physical copy. There are no extra charges for the digital version of the book if buy buy the physical copy. Make sure you order your book today!

The Lost Ways 2 *60 DAYS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Only $124 $37 as long as you love it. You can return it within 60 days. Full refund guarantee!


Those of you that don’t own a copy of the first book are still not convinced. That’s okay because I’ve got your back. I’m going to give you an inside look at The Lost Ways 2 Book so you can see why you can’t live without this fantastic book. Make sure you read this review all the way to the end because there are discounts and FREE bonuses waiting for you. Keep in mind that these FREE bonuses and discounts are for a limited time so make sure you take action today!

Did You Know?

“Most Americans don’t even think about having enough food in a crisis… until it’s too late.”

Just like when there is a category 5 hurricane staring them right in the face …



Or what if a catastrophic 10.0 earthquake strikes …



Or an F5 tornado tears through their town …



Or deadly wildfires turn their communities to ash and dust.



But by that time … which is always … way too late.


These poor Americans will have to rely on faith and luck or pray to God that dear old Uncle Sam will save their butts.

For those of you that remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. You know darn well the federal government can not be relied on to save your ass. It doesn’t have to be this way! You may be asking yourself, what the heck do these natural disasters have to do with The Lost Ways 2? Well, EVERYTHING! I’m going to explain everything as we take a look at what’s inside The Lost Ways 2. It will all start to make sense as you read along.

Look At What’s Inside The Lost Ways 2 Edition

The Lost Ways II Large Book Cover

In the event of a natural or manmade disaster. This Lost Ways 2 Edition may be all you need. Depending on good ole Uncle Sam should be your last option. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Uncle Sam at all. The sad fact of the matter is, the government can only do so much during the aftermath of a disaster if anything at all. This can be for a number of reasons but the bottom line is. You have to be able to take care of yourself and your family should the unthinkable should occur.

How many times have we seen disasters unfold in America and around the world in real-time? What makes you think that you won’t be next? I’m not trying to scare you but we do live on a live and very active planet. It’s not a matter of if, but when and where the next disaster will strike. Some of you may be thinking that this will never happen to me or it costs way too much money to prepare. Well, you could be wrong on one count for sure.

It doesn’t cost as much as you think to start buying food and start storing it away for a crisis. I know because I’m not rich and I’ve been able to store enough food for 2 for over a year. All I did was buy a little extra every time I went to the grocery store. Even if it was just a few canned foods or so. Before you know it, you’ll have a sizable stockpile of food and supplies. The point is, anyone can start preparing today and inside The Lost Ways Second Edition are ways to get you started NOW!

Survival Supplies

Let me ask you a question. Especially, those of you that have survived the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado, wild fire or earthquake. What is the first casualty other than human life during the aftermath of a disaster? ELECTRICITY! The first thing lost is power and without power cities and towns come to a stand still. You can’t buy gas or cold drinks at the convenience stores. Driving becomes a challenge because there are no traffic lights and the list goes on.

Depending on the severity of the disaster. You could be out of power for days, weeks and even months. Are you prepared for such a scenario? Most Americans are NOT prepared so you are NOT alone. There are simple things you can start doing today that don’t cost a lot of money that can save your life in the future. For example, in the first book The Lost Ways. You learned how to make a nutritious food that can last years when stored properly.

This super nutritious food is called pemmican and it’s so good it will make your mouth water. Pemmican is a food originally made by Native American Indians. In The Lost Ways 2, you’ll learn how make another superfood that’s been lost to history for the past 482 years. This food is so nutritious that even NASA is considering sending this superfood to the international space station. It’s also interesting to note that this food was so nutritious.

That it sustained the entire great Incan civilization through a dreadful and deadly four-year super drought that all but wiped out their neighbors to the south. You’ll learn the exact recipe and a whole lot more inside this The Lost Ways 2 book! This is just the tip of the iceberg! You’ll be surprised to know that these long lost skills can save your ass and the best part is. You can use some of these very same skills in every day like as well.

The Lost Ways Book Pages

Inside The Lost Ways 2 is a wealth of information about medicinal and edible plants in all 50 states in North America. This includes a back-pain relief plant, a driveway antibiotic weed, a powerful painkiller plant and so much more. There are also extremely clear high quality color images of each plant so you’ll easily be able to identify them. These are the same herbal remedies our forefathers used 150 years ago. This is information big pharmacy wants to keep secret!

The Lost Ways 2 Book Will Teach You How To Build A Log Cabin The Pioneer Way …

How would you like to learn how to build a log cabin? I’m not talking about any old cabin. I’m talking about building a cabin the pioneer way. Inside The Lost Ways 2 Book is a lost method of building log houses that was used by the pioneers who settled in the American West. Using the simple methods inside the book, you can build your very own log cabin that you can use as an emergency shelter, vacation getaway or just live the simple life.

One of The Lost Ways 2 readers, Kaylee, started building her cabin a few weeks ago. She is using the same exact methods the pioneers used that you’ll find in The Lost Ways 2 Book. There are step-by-step instructions from start to finish so you’ll have no trouble building your own cabin and for a cheap price too! Kaylee is almost finished building her very own log cabin and she spent a mind blowing $500 so far. Her cabin is still a work in progress, but Kaylee is almost ready to move in.

Lost Ways 2 Building Shelter

Lost Ways 2 Building Shelter 2

Building a log cabin is a lot of hard work so you need every advantage you can get. You will learn the same tips and tricks Kaylee used to build her log cabin the pioneer way. If you ever wanted to know how to build a real log cabin. The Lost Ways 2 Book is the perfect reference for you. These very same skills and techniques the pioneers used are in this book. There are some of these cabins that still standing today such as the Lower Swedish Cabin located in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania built in 1640.

The Lower Swedish Cabin is 379 years young and has stood the test of time. And the BEST part is, you can learn how to build your own pioneer cabin the exact same way. Plus, you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood bug-out and have a safe place for you and your family to go in case the SHTF. Your pioneer log cabin will keep you and your family safe your and if you ever have to leave your home for good. Will make a perfect permanent shelter. After all, your log cabin could last 400 years!

You’ll Also Discover How The Pioneers From The Wild West Hunted Deer …

The Lost Ways 2 will teach you how the pioneers from the Wild West hunted deer. You will also learn how the pioneers tanned their hides without corrosive chemicals and it cost then nothing to do it. You’ll also learn how to butcher a deer the right way and the best parts for preservation methods. You will also learn how to use every part of the deer just like the Native Americans and our forefathers did: an awesome knife handle, a bow string, to make tallow, a needle and even very strong glue.

The Lost Ways 2 Deer Picture

You don’t have to wait foe the next disaster to use these skills. You can teach these lost skills the next time you and your friends go on your next hunting trip. You’ll also learn an ingenious method used by the early pioneers to dig their wells quickly and easily in no time at all. And without that much hard work and again not costing them a dime. This one skill alone can save you thousands of dollars in water bills and provide you and your family fresh drinking water for life.

Most of us never give it a second thought when we open the tap and grab a glass of water, do the dishes or take a shower. But imagine a day in the very near future the water stops flowing. This could be from a power outage due to a natural disaster or something. How great will you feel when your house is the only one in the neighborhood with running water. All you had to do is use this lost method to build your own well with an unlimited supply of fresh water right from your own backyard.

You will also learn a skill that was so common a century ago that every single town and village in America had a charcoal kiln. Now, if you just happen to have a friend named Collier, he probably had an ancestor who worked in one. The Lost Ways 2 will help you rediscover how you can easily find the highest purity charcoal available. And the best part is, you’ll learn how to do it the old fashion way. You’ll also learn how to turn the highest purity charcoal into activated charcoal too.

Learn How To Survive & Thrive The Aftermath of Manmade or Natural Disasters!

The Lost Ways 2 You Can Survive

You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen. You can survive 3 hours without shelter. You can survive 3 days without water and survive 30 days without food. But you can’t survive the aftermath of a disaster without a copy of The Lost Ways 2 Book. Well, anything is possible but your chances of survival go way up if you have a copy of this FANTASTIC book. Of all the survival books you already have in your collection. The Lost Ways 2 is the only survival book you’ll need.

Everything you need to know about surviving that aftermath of any type of disaster is in this book. The Lost Ways Book will not only help you survive the difficult days ahead but teach you how to thrive as well. You’ll learn how to live off the land the same way our forefathers did. Knowledge is power and The Lost Ways 2 is one powerful book that should be in every American household. You will not find a better book on urban survival anywhere in the world!

Inside The Lost Ways 2 Book are step-by-step instructions on how to prepare you and your family for every disaster scenario imaginable. It’s as if Claude went to Hollywood and borrowed some of their ideas but you never know. Anything’s possible! In the book you will learn how to survive a thermo- nuclear war, an alien invasion, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and any other natural or man-made disaster you can think of.

One of the most important skills you’ll learn in the book is the best and effective way to preserve your water supply. This is critical to you and your families survival. Especially, if there are environmental disasters or even a drought. You will learn how to build foolproof animal traps just like the pioneers did. These foolproof traps will catch beaver, bear, fox, deer and all kinds of other wildlife. You will also learn the tricks of the trapping trade lost to us generations ago.

Here comes the fun part! You are going to learn how to use advanced and modern weapons, modern equipment, and the most effective ammo to use with each firearm. This is great knowledge even for you gun experts out there. Learn how to use every gun in your arsenal to its’ maximum fire power. There is even a chapter on how our forefathers built livable and spacious underground houses. These underground houses can easily accommodate as many as five families of four! This book is AWESOME! But I don’t want you to take my word for it.

Check Out These Real-Life Lost Ways 2 Reviews

The Lost Ways II Review

Take a few minutes and check out these Lost Ways 2 Reviews for yourself. These are just a few out of thousands of satisfied customers. You’ll notice one common denominator as soon as you’re done reading these reviews. Everyone loves The Lost Ways 2 Book! There’s something in The Lost Ways Book for everyone and I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you grab your copy of the book. Go ahead and read what some Lost Ways 2 Readers have to say.

Ashley J

“I love this survival guidebook, the book teaches me how to save yourself and family or your loved ones from any crisis or disaster. There’s the list of life-saving antibiotic plants you can plant in the backyard of the home. I surprised that many plants actually could be used to cure various diseases without using medications after I read The Lost Ways book. It has provided me with a lot of new knowledge about the herbal plant.”


“It contains a lot of good practical information on survival. The lost ways book provide great recipes you can make with uncommon ingredients but easily found around. You’ll also learn great stuff like how our forefathers construct a water wheel, how to made knives, make a fire without matches etc.”

Debra P

“Nice book, a lot of survival guide and tips inside. Worth to read”

As you can see, these Lost Ways 2 Readers love their copies of the book and you will too! The Lost Ways 2 Book is no ordinary book and is the BEST survival book you never heard about until today. This is not just a book of survival skills but a book of American History and American Values. The Lost Ways 2 Book perfectly preserves our heritage and history. It is beautifully written and will help you better understand American History and how our forefathers lived just a few generations ago.

Limited Time Offer Only! Get The Lost Ways 2 Book Plus 2 FREE Bonuses! Now Only $37!

The Lost Ways 2 Book Plus 2 Free Bonuses

WARNING! The Lost Ways 2 & the 2 FREE Bonuses are being offered for a limited time only! *This offer is only good while supplies last or Claude decides to end it so make sure YOU act fast! Let’s take a look at your 2 FREE Bonuses below:

EMP Attack

Bonus #1. “What Do You Need To Have Ready Before An EMP”

What You Need To Have Ready Before An EMP

Okay Patriots! You are getting one heck of a book and I think it’s priceless. Not many Americans know what an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is so I decided to take you through a hypothetical scenario. This is the best way I can think of to explain what an EMP is and why you need to be prepared. This is one of the most catastrophic disasters that could hit a modern civilization and the scary part is we are totally vulnerable to such an event and is why you need a copy of this book.

  • Imagine waking up tomorrow to another ordinary day: You get out of bed and realize that you may have overslept because your alarm clock didn’t go off. No problem right? You go into the bathroom to get ready for work and realize you have no electricity or running water. Now you know your going to be late for work so you go to use your smartphone but it’s completely dead. You still don’t know it yet but America just suffered an EMP Attack.
  • How can this to happen? There are 2 possible scenarios for this EMP Attack! EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse or a severe Solar Storm. An Electromagnetic Pulse can be caused by a severe solar storm from the Sun or detonating a nuclear weapon in the upper atmosphere above the target. An EMP Attack will destroy the our power grid along with all our electronic devices and modern transportation as well. This includes all modern automobiles with computers installed. This will be no ordinary blackout that last for minutes, hours or days. This is a power outage that will last for years, decades or may never come back. It is estimated that tens of millions of Americans or more could surly die in the first few months on an EMP attack.
  • What can I do? The good news is you can take preventative measures to protect all of your electronic devices including your car, truck and motorcycles. Everything you need to know in this AWESOME book will show you how to protect everything vulnerable to an EMP Attack or Solar Storm. Without this book, you will literally be thrown back to the stone age without a snowballs chance in hell to survive!

We’ve all experienced power outages at one time or another and know what an inconvenience that can be. We sit there with our candles burning, playing with our cellphones, complaining and waiting for the power to come back on. Which is always does in a few minutes or hours. And we go back to our routines watching television or surfing the web. The problem with an EMP Attack is the power never comes back in minutes or hours and may never come back online again!

Bonus #2. “How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land”

How To Become Self Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land

Claude Davis wrote this book specifically for people who want to have a self-sufficient homestead. In this book you’ll learn how to build and how to divide your land into small enough sections in order to get the most out of every inch of your land. And you don’t have to live in a rural area to do it:

Learn how to grow all kinds of different crops just like our forefathers did in little to no time at all. Everything you need to know how to farm your land is in this book. You will know what time of year and exactly what kind of crops to grow and when and where to plant your crops! What I really like about this book is anyone can use this book. Even a child! For those of you living in urban and city areas, you can grow your own food too! You can grow crops on your balcony, rooftop or a small room in your apartment.

The Lost Ways 2 Root Cellar

  • Claude will also teach you what and how to build things around your house that can store and filter rainwater, defend your home, preserve your food and learn to live without electricity. You will learn how to grow and maintain a small medicinal garden that every American needs to have in their backyards. These are some of the same plants our forefathers used for their herbal remedies. Imagine this and more …

The Lost Ways 2 Garden

… As you look out over your land you’ll see rows of greens as far as the eye can see on one side and then your corn field right in front of you. Right next to your corn field is your cow grazing peacefully with chickens pecking in the background with pigs rolling in mud. You’ll see lots of other farm animals that will be there to provide fresh meat, eggs, and milk for your family. You’ll also have your very own smokehouse to make all those meat goodies with a gigantic pantry with a root cellar to store them in. Man, what a life!

These 2 FREE Bonuses are worth over $29 each and are all yours for FREE only if you Buy The Lost Ways 2 Book today.

So, if you are like me and want to be prepared just like our forefathers were. Then you definitely want to grab your copy of The Lost Ways 2 and your 2 FREE Bonuses for the price of a meal for 2 at your favorite restaurant. This is a one time special offer. The Lost Ways 2 is NOW ONLY $37! You can only get it for this incredibly low price by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button below now.

The Lost Ways 2 Is America’s Book Of Secrets!

Pesidents Book Of SecretsThere’s a rumor out there that I think is more of a myth than legend. I believe that The Lost Ways 2 is America’s REAL Book of Secrets. America’s Book of Secrets is supposed to be a secret book passed down from U.S. President to U.S. President. In this book of secrets are America’s deepest secrets that are only known by a few.

Whether or not America’s Book of Secrets is real or not is unknown and debatable. What I do know is that The Lost Ways 2 is a book of secrets in a way. Inside this AMAZING book are American values, heritage and the skills it took to build the GREATEST nation the world has ever known. In this book, you will be taken back in time when Americans were tough, had moral values and knew how to get things done. MacGyver had nothing on these guys!

This was a time where people were always pushing the envelope forever expanding west looking for land and opportunity. Our forefathers conquered and tamed a wild land into what you see today. There were no roads leading west! They crossed a continent on horseback and covered wagons that sometimes could take up to 6 months. There were all kinds of obstacles along the way but our forefathers adapted to their surroundings and persevered against all odds.

Inside this book, you’ll take those dangerous and harrowing journeys with our ancestors and learn the skills they used to survive and thrive off the land. America was founded on God, Guns, Guts and Blood! There is no other nation on Earth founded on an idea. Freedom is in your DNA and you’ll discover in this book, American values and ingenuity perfectly preserved on every page. This is why I believe The Lost Ways 2 is America’s REAL Book of Secrets.

My Final Thoughts About The Lost Ways 2

I’m sure that by now, you know I love Lost Ways 2 and highly recommend it to everyone. This AMAZING book has so much to offer and is unlike any other survival guide ever written. Unlike other survival guides on the market. You can use each and every skill our forefathers used immediately in your daily lives. Our forefathers didn’t have to go to work to earn money like we do today. In fact, they didn’t have to spend money on anything.

Life in 18th and 19th century America was much more different than it is today. Even though I love technology and benefit from all of its wonders. I firmly believe that our forefathers way of life was much more rewarding and a happier existence. They lived off the land and were in tune with nature and it’s all preserved in this wonderful book written by Wild West Historian and best selling author Claude Davis. The Lost Ways 2 is a GREAT read and a MUST HAVE book for every American.

You will learn about a time in history not taught in public or private schools. Every American child and adult should be taught about their past so our heritage can be preserved for future generations to come. I think one of our greatest challenges we face today is way too many people are ignorant to REAL American history. If you don’t know and understand your history, you don’t know who you are and what our Republic stands for. It is a crime that REAL American history is not being taught to our children.

You can do something about this National Tragedy by grabbing your copy of The Lost Ways 2 today. It also makes a GREAT gift for family and friends too! There is so much more The Lost Ways 2 has to offer that I couldn’t write about it all in this report. The Knowledge that you will discover in this book is priceless and can be put to practical use right away and will save your life should the unthinkable occur. And more important above any else is that you will be leaving something of unimaginable value for future generations to come.

Buy The Lost Ways 2 Book Today!

Lost Ways 2 Cowboy CampingBuy The Lost Ways 2 Book and get way more than just another survival guide. You are getting a piece of American History as well. This special book is really a how to guide on how to build the GREATEST nation on Earth. That’s a pretty bold statement I just made and I’m sure you are thinking the same thing. And I don’t want you to just take my word for it. Once you read the book for yourself, you’ll come to your own conclusions.

One thing I do know whether you’ll agree with my statement or not is that you’ll love The Lost Ways 2 as much as I do. It doesn’t matter what you’re interests are, there’s something in this book for every American and for all of our friends around the world too! There are lots of survival skills in this book that you can actually apply to your everyday lives right now! You don’t have to wait for a SHTF scenario or the next hurricane to blow through your town.

So go ahead and click on the add to cart button below and grab your piece of American History NOW! You instantly qualify for a HUGE DISCOUNT. You are getting $87 OFF the regular retail price and in addition to all of that! You’ll get a copy of “What Do You Need To Have Ready Before An EMP” and a copy of “How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land”. These 2 AWESOME books were written by Claude Davis as well and will make great additions to your collection.

Each book usually retails for around $29 but you get them FREE with your purchase today along with your discount. If you have any comments or questions. Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my Lost Ways 2 Review all the way to the end. Please come back and share your thoughts about The Lost Ways 2. Thanks again for visiting with us today.

Remember to always be safe and always be prepared!

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