How To Sharpen Blades Like A Samurai!

How To Sharpen Blades Like A Samurai!

July 6, 2019 Posted by Jack Taylor - 6 Comments

How To Sharpen Blades!

SamuraiI’m going to show you How To Sharpen Blades just like the samurai did it. I will share step-by-step instructions with color illustrations I got directly from The Lost Ways II Book. The AWESOME book is written by Wild West historian and survival expert Claude Davis. This book is the second in a trilogy of books called The Lost Ways Collection. What you are about to learn is just one of many skills inside this fantastic book.

You are going to learn a Japanese swordsmithing technique that is hundreds of years old and is still practiced today. I’m not going to get into any forging techniques but I will show you how to sharpen a blade the traditional samurai way. A sharp sword was mandatory for the samurai and they were. Samurai swords are known for being some of the sharpest of their time and their technique is still praised to this day. The samurai always wore their swords because they considered them to be an extension of their souls.

The samurai always carried two swords each. A long sword called the Katana and a short sword called the Wakizashi. In order to get your blades as sharp as a samurai sword. You are going to need a whole lot more than just a sharpener. You are going to need a lot of time and you are going to have to work hard at it. This does take a lot of time and skill but we will cover each step of the way for you.

Before we do get started, I wanted to share a video with you so you can see how the samurai traditionally sharpened their blades. This footage was shot in Japan at the Atsuta Shrine Nagoya. This is a must see video so I hope you enjoy it. What you are about to see is totally amazing and will give you a better idea on what you need to do to get your blades as sharp as a samurai sword.

Samurai Sword Sharpening Atsuta Shrine Nagoya – THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO!

As you can see in the video, the samurai traditional way of sharpening swords is alive and well in Japan as it should be. I really hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Now you have a better understanding of what I’m about to share with you today. Unfortunately, the samurai were abolished in the late 1800’s and were forbidden to wear their swords. However, soon after it became a right for only active military personnel. The samurai still live on in movies and other practices such as Jujitsu.

In order to keep the samurai alive, Claude Davis discusses one of their techniques in The Lost Ways II Book I’m going to share with you today. Even though we don’t carry swords we do have our own blades such as fixed blade knives we use for hunting or fishing. You can easily sharpen these blades with a sharpener and achieve a pretty sharp edge. However, you can get your blade even sharper using a process of sharpening just like a samurai and create a crafted razors edge. So, let’s go ahead and get started.

How To Sharpen A Blade

The Samurai Sharpening Kit

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • At least two whet stones of different grains (I use a double sided)
  • A piece of high grit sandpaper
  • Polishing oil or mineral oil
  • A ball of wax

How To Sharpen Knife At Home

We don’t have a samurai sword on hand but we are going to be using a standard military issued fixed blade knife. As you can clearly see in the image above. This blade is in pretty rough shape and needs a lot of work done to it.

The traditional samurai sword is usually fixed into a jig during the sharpening process. Since we are using blades much smaller than a samurai sword. We are going to leave the stones stationary.

Soaking Your Stones Properly

In order to use your wet stones properly and get maximum results. You need to soak your stones in water for at least 20 minutes. This is going to allow the water to permeate your stone. It is going to be this water and course grain that will allow your blade to slide easily over your stone. I like to pour some water directly on the stone as well for more lubrication.

Gettin a Good Grip

It all depends on the size of your blade and handle but you most definitely want to bolster your grip. You may think this is not necessary for smaller blades but you could never be more wrong. It doesn’t’t matter if you a sharpening a large blade like a Katana or a small fixed blade like the one we’re working on today. Make sure you have a good grip because these blades are smaller and can be tough to bear down on. Be careful not to slip and cut your hand!

Follow The Given Path

Before you begin sharpening your knife, you should observe your blade and take note of its natural curvature. Your movements over the stone MUST match the proper angle and follow the curve of your blade as well. Always remember that any part of your blade that is not touching the stone is not being sharpened.

How To Sharpen Knife Blades

How To Sharpen Your Blades

Shitagi Togi

Sharpen Knife Blade

Okay, this is going to be the first stage of sharpening so you are going to want to use the coarsest stone you have first! This is the portion of the sharpening for refining the once impressive shape of your worn blade. You can also use this coarse to remove all nicks and grooves as well.

100 Strokes

Make sure that you work each stone for 100 strokes on each side of your blade. After you’ve done all of that, go ahead and move to your less course stone. It takes a lot of work and time to bring your blade back to a razors edge by hand. Make sure that you pay close attention to each stroke and follow the natural path of your blade.

Shiaji Togi

This is the point in the process where you are going to utilize your fine grit sandpaper and really bring out the tempering line. You will work your sandpaper back and forth in order to define this tempering line. On smaller knives, this will be a challenge and you should hold the sandpaper with a cloth so if the blade cuts through it doesn’t cut you during the process.

How To Sharpen A Blade Like A Samurai

Polish Your Blade

Now what we’re going to do is use your sharpening oil and the residual grit from the sharpening process to polish your whole blade. The blade in the image is going to require a lot of polishing because it is pretty beat up. After all of your hard work is completed. You will see all of your hard work pay off in the end.

How To Sharpen Knife At Home Like A Samurai

Finishing Your Blade

The next thing to do is buff your blade with a ball of wax to finish your blade and then wipe off the entire blade removing any residual dirt that may be left behind. After all of this hard work and time on this blade. We were literally able to bring this blade back to life. I can’t be more happy with the sharpness of the blade I achieved and the like new condition of the knife. The look has improved tremendously due to the polishing of the blade as well.

How To Sharpen Your Blades Like A Samurai

Sharpen Knife Blade Like A Samurai

Sharpening knives is one of those tasks that can easily be done by a sharpener and goes against the tide of technology and time. However, if you go ahead and spend the time sharpening your blades just like the samurai did. You will have the sharpest blade possible. Even if you use modern technology and have your blade sharpened on a machine. Your blade won’t be as sharp and you’ll miss out on a very rewarding and entrancing experience. After all, you just sharpened your blade exactly like the samurai have for hundreds of years.

Now You Know How To Sharpen Blades Just Like The Samurai Did It!

The Lost Ways II Large Book CoverYou just learned how to sharpen a blade just like the legendary samurai did. This is just one of many skills that you can learn inside The Lost Ways II Book written by Claude Davis. He is has also authored The Lost Ways and The Lost Book of Remedies which you can get on this website for only $37 each. Once you own one of these books. You’ll want to own them all! In fact, your collection will not be complete unless you have have all three of these historic books sitting on your bookshelf.

The Lost Ways Book Collection are three books full of survival skills used by our forefathers. We consider these lost skills survival skills but to our forefathers, it was everyday life. Once you open one of these fantastic books. You’ll be taken back to a time where there was no electricity, convince stores, smart phones and all of the other modern conveniences that we take for granted today. Imagine living in a world where everything you did depended on your very survival. Our forefathers could not call in sick just because they drank one too many beers the night before.

They had to work for everything that they needed to survive. Not only did our forefathers survive an unforgiving and hostile landscape, they thrived! Learning how to sharpen blades like a samurai is just one of many chapters inside The Lost Ways II. Each step in the sharpening process including all of the demo images are from this very book. There are other chapters in the book such as How To Build A Log Cabin Like A Pioneer, How To Make A Bow and Arrow Like A Native American, How To Make Natto A Samurai Superfood and so much more! If you are a prepper, survivalist or a historian. The Lost Ways II is the book for you.

Go ahead and click on the link below and see what The Lost Ways II Book is all about. You just got a taste of what’s inside this awesome book. Believe me when I tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The Lost Ways II is a must have book for every American household. If you have any comments or questions about The Lost Ways II or How To Sharpen A Blade Like A Samurai. Please leave them below now and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for stopping by today! Now that you know How To Sharpen Blades the samurai way. Give it a try and let me know how sharp your blades turn out.

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